Monday, August 9, 2010

The greatest entry of all..

Oh no no, not the Greatest entry of them all..But is the greatest cos if filled with so much so much Bubbles of 'Love'!!Love i received from my loving family,helpful colleagues,awesome N282, thoughtful friends.Love that i've received when i learnt to give, & showing the meaning of appreciation. Yeah i've found the meaning of a true Love,it comes when i've a constant r'ship with God, then He shows me that as i seek Him 1st the kingdom of God & His righteousness, and all these shall be added onto me(Matt 6:33).
Sometimes journey maybe long,tiring or even boring! But fear not cos of His amazing Love, all those fear had been cast out!!(1john4:18)
If i cld speak all languages of Earth & of angels,but didn't love others,i would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal(1cor 13:1-2,NLT) and if i had such faith that i cld move moutains, but didn't love others, i would be nothing, If i gave everything i ve to the poor & even sacrificed my body, i cld boast abt it, but if i didn't love others, i would ve gained nothing........
As simple as that,i believe my definition of His Love, it does not de-valuate but it upholds,
Hmm i think is like- "For i know the thoughts that i think towards u,says the Lord, thoughts of peace & not of evil, to give u a future and a hope"(Jer29:11)

So even if i've full faith,loads of hope,it may mean nothing...coz i need plenty of His grace to help me love people!^.~

Love is the greatest.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shall i close this blog?

Wow,this blogspot been with me since my poly years,next yr will b heading to Nus to get my Honours.Hence,due to the hectic work sceldule, i've seldom update too! Haha, but all i've blogged was really memories,of my walk with God, and the thoughts of the day.So yea,still in the consideration of closing it..Should i?:)

Everyone's favourite "Don't stop Believing" by Glee!:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No news doesn't = good news

I saw tis interesting ad in one of the busstop, pondering over it, how true is this..

No news is good news, even it is bad news i'll rather know how things are going.

Don't you?=)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I did not choose you, but You chose me

Past March I've been celebrating birthdays & birthdays...when i was younger, i use to think how come so "mafan," Everyone's birthday also got to celebrate, some people i knew don't even celebrate at all lo...haha!
Then i come to know, that everyone hold a special meaning to God, therefore He created us!Like Jesus, the Saviour of the world, not only his death date (Good Friday) was celebrated, but His birthdate was widely celebrated too, tt's how we got our Christmas!! Yeah my favourite occasion of the year other than my birthday..=)

I do believe whenever we are invited to a birthday event,it is always an honor,and a joy to give & blessed others!
Firstly,coming to the gifts part.. I feel it is impt to discern what is the person's need,& something tt's really helpful!

Secondly, a more challenging one...budget wise, i ever went shopping with my member Hock soon, he has no budget on the gifts he is getting for his niece, just as what my cgl,cindy shared, he has impacted us in a way that the gift for her had no budget, it is because of the love he had for her..the amount doesn't matter!

Such as when Jesus choose to die for us, does He had any budget?
I doubt so....His love for us had been so great for us that He's willing to die for us sacrificially which requires no budget!
Instead of blaming, cursing the sinners, Jesus told God to forgive them (us sinners)for they do not know.But only upon one condition..whoever call upon the Lord your God shall be simple as that...and so on..ok i am going deeper that's another topic!=)

Lastly a gifts holds an impt value, i am someone tt's training myself to have greater financial discipline, inorder to sow more into His kingdom, and saved up for future, use such as further studies. However, it is always better to give than to receive, if someone has my gifts, it is someone that is appreciated & he/she means a lot to matter how busy, i'll take the time, effort & of course finances, be it big or little thoughts to bless the person.

  • It means you are being appreciated

  • Thanks for making a difference in my life

  • Thanks for your faithfulness

  • You are loved

  • God is with you

  • Friend, you are still remembered

  • I 'am there for you

  • And Happy Birthday

  • or Merry Christmas

And the list goes on & on...haha

God i did not choose to be given birth, But You chose me out of the womb

And dear friends, not only did I choose you to be my friends, but you chose to be opened in this friendship..=)

Seriously nowadays i chose my friends wisely...But thanks for standing with me...;D

Monday, February 8, 2010

You are more than a story

The most impt things in my family, my friends,my loved ones, ministry you are impt to me yet i think solitude makes me soar up higher.I am truly nothing without You, He makes me love greatly, focus better, served a greater purpose...What can i do to make a difference? i am an ordinary girl, yet the extraordinary Him that's inside of me do a greater works in me.

Discouraged when i didn't obtain the expectation in the areas of my career, my ministry, i was talking to Him..& He came in, He gave a big smile:"my daughter,well done,good & faithful servant!"
flash of vision & dreams skidded through my realms of thoughts.....

I opened up my eyes, He's nowhere to be seen, or should i rephrase He's now here! Yes, the reality that i am about to enter,will be what it was seen in the moments of stillness..

Weariness, setbacks in the reality....many are to come, but after all these, I will see a glorious light, more beautiful than the rise of sunset.I'll give my smile!=D

That's how it will be when you see me..I'll bring you the joy,the love & the hope He has given, even when the going gets tough, the tough kept going!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

About Myself

Ok finally, i find the motivation to write inspirational blog to stir up one another!
Alr is another one year...& times fly...recently family's been expanded... Yeah is a joy!
(If u know what i mean);D
Prob some close friends been wondering abt my staying with aunt..ok I was born into a family of 5, I had another extended family(My father's side), my aunt & uncle who see me as their own daughter,I have been staying with them eversince I was young, cos my mum was having post natal blue,her health was not strong enough to look after me.
Staying with my aunt & uncle, inclusive of my 4 other cousins...they treated me like their sister.. I felt pampered! Yet my uncle, whom i regarded as my 2nd father... brought up his kids with strict discipline,so am I. Despite what's our age, in his eyes we are always his sons & daughters.
At times the strictness of my uncle may lead to inward rebellion,as my old uncle & auntie might not receive much education..yet they always want to give the best to me. At times, although thoughts of unfairness may arise,eg:"I am alr old enough le,how come i still have to follow this & that, following so much rules..."
I have to say is not easy...but in each and every way God is moulding me to a path of filial piety.
Yi Lun ever told me in the 1st commandments You shall have no other God before me
5th commandments Honor your father & mother. Therefore other than 1st fruit to God, 2nd blessing is of course for our parents who raised us up right?=)
Now i am so blessed with 2 house & 2 family, of course i'll am still very close with my biological family. Two great brothers Jackson & Matthew, still in the midst of praying for my father as well as my 2nd father(my uncle).
Thank you Abba for showing the love through my earthly fathers..=)

All Smiles!!